Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Today went for te shot fucking stepped on barbed wire yesterday #notagoodidea.  Brace, seriously....what's the deal with this man. #sexualpredator #pedophilia #paraphilia.  Or all of the above. Like this not even funny dude.  Now I feel real uncomfortable knowing I have 2 young nieces and this dude around here dread #unfuckincool.  Ian in he ass yes #indeed.  We not tolerating this kinda shit up in here,  On a brighter note  so now with bbm you can have free phone calls too? with other bbm ppl of course... let whatsapp catch on and is MAS.  But wait nah I didn't mention Machel if he doh get lock up i boycotting carnival in 2013 (except for 3 canal concert and 3 canal jouvert #deadfuckinserious #justice